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At Beat Concepts, we care deeply about where our garments come from, under what conditions they are produced, and the effect our work has on the environment. We have set out this commitment in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which covers Ethical Trade, Corporate Governance and the Environment.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy has been read and signed by all of our manufacturing partners, and we have established internal processes to ensure the policy is upheld in every business operation and throughout our whole supply chain.

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Our Ethical Trade Code of Conduct is based on the ETI base code and ILO conventions, and is a framework agreement which all our manufacturing units must comply with in order to do business with us.

The Code of Conduct covers 10 labour right principles in areas such as forced labour, child labour, freedom of association, freedom of organisation, salaries and working hours, as well as safety in the workplace. We commission independent SMETA audits of all our factories on a yearly basis so we know exactly what conditions our garments are manufactured under. As members of SEDEX, we are able to monitor our ethical auditing program with precision, ensuring we have full oversight of the working conditions in all the factories we work with.

"However, it's not the audits themselves that lead to improvements, it's what we do with the results that makes the difference."

That's why we place great importance on the follow-up work. When we find issues of concern, the supplier must provide a corrective action plan (CAP). The CAP will include information about what the root cause of the issue is, how the issue will be remedied, when the corrective measures will be taken, and who will be responsible for ensuring the CAP is followed through. After the CAPs deadline we will commission an additional follow-up audit to verify the issue has been rectified. In the extremely rare instance where an audit finds an issue which we deem critical (such as the use of child labour, physical abuse, locked fire doors etc) then we will immediately cease to work with that factory.

All new factories that our sourcing team proposes to bring on board must go through our rigorous approval process.

This includes signing our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and taking the factory through our auditing programme. We then have full oversight over our supply chain and can be absolutely confident that the factories we source from comply with our ethical trade standards.

Subcontracting is explicitly prohibited in our policy and if we ever find a case of an unapproved factory producing our products, we will have to consider terminating the relationship with the supplier. By encouraging open and honest dialogue about production lead times and capacity with our suppliers, we hope to eliminate the chances of a situation such as this arising.



At Beat Concepts we have adopted a Corporate Code of Ethical Governance based on the CIPS Corporate Code of Ethics.

Our Corporate Code of Ethical Governance sets out our expectations on ethical business practices. The principles within the Code include for all our business partners to act with integrity, transparency, impartiality, professionalism and accountability.


We are proud to offer garments made in the most sustainable materials withing the context of hard wearing, functional workwear garments, including GOTS certified organic cotton, RPET, and a unique fabric which is QR code traceable deriving from pre-landfill and pre-ocean plastic bottles.

"At Beat Concepts we are committed to making a positive, real and sustainable impact on our natural environment by including an Environmental Policy within our Corporate Social Responsibility policy."

In this we set out the expectations we have on our suppliers in terms of managing their footprint on the planet, including the expectation to set environmental objectives, to aim to reduce their water consumption and to safely dispose of hazardous substances.

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